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Steering Wheel Cover – (SWS601)

(package of 5)
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Keep your hands either warm or cool with the C2D2.com Reusable Steering Wheel Disposable Cover. This beautifully designed heavy-duty product features an absorbent, medical grade, non-latex, hypoallergenic material, providing a perfect barrier to extreme heat or cold. This product is easily installed and protects your hands on the steering wheel. Easy install, just unfold and place over the steering wheel. Use it until the steering wheel is either warmer in the winter or cools off in the summer. This product fits most cars and is reusable. Keep it on your steering wheel until it wears out or take it off and store it for the next time you need it!!

  • NO MORE burning your hands on the steering wheel when your vehicle has been sitting in the hot sun! Put the cover on until it cools off or keep it on…whatever you like!
  • NO MORE freezing your hands until the heater warms up your cars steering wheel if you don't have gloves!! Put the cover on and go!!
  • Universal size fits most vehicles and is easy to put on! Just stretch it out and slip over the steering wheel. (see video instructions)
  • Made from a non-woven material, this cover will protect your car's steering wheel and your hands!

Dimensions: Unstretched diameter = 23” & fully stretched maximum diameter is 50”.

See instructions for warnings and proper installation of this product.