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Bucket Seat Cover – Clear Plastic and Non-woven – (BSPS102)

(package of 2)
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Keep your car clean and pristine with the Bucket Car Seat Reusable Disposable Cover. This beautifully designed heavy-duty product features an absorbent, medical grade, non-latex, hypoallergenic material, with a plastic underliner for a more comfortable absorbent cover. This product is easily installed, protects your car's interior from spills, fur, dirt, wear and tear, and scratches. Easy install, just unfold and put over the headrest.  This product fits most cars and is reusable. Keep it on your seat until it wears out or take it off and store it under your seat for the next time you need it!! Great for outdoor adventure, soccer games, stadium seats, dirty dog paws, or messy children are not a problem anymore!

  • Reuse this product time and time again until it's time to recycle!
    Then recycle the plastic portion of the cover at your nearest plastic recycling facility. (Click here to find the nearest location)
  • NO MORE worrying about ruining your car’s interior during travel adventures or day to day vehicle use.
  • Universal size fits most vehicles and is easy to put on! Just unfold and slip over the headrest. (click here for video instructions)
  • Made from waterproof, heavy-duty plastic and a non-woven material; this cover will protect your car's interior and upholstery.
  • No worries about children or dogs allergies! Made of non-latex and non-irritating products.
  • Ideal for children or dogs to keep interior clean from ice cream spills, soda spills, dirty dog paws, mud, etc.Provides a strap that adheres to the bottom portion of the bucket seat, keeping the cover in place.
  • Dimensions: One size fits most (58” L x 36” W)

See instructions for warnings and proper installation of this product.